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Architectural Elements

Elements of Architecture represent one of the greatest examples of the SanMarco production philosophy: combining the ancient craftmanship with the modern requirements of the architecture.

Even today they are formed by hand, using unique and special molds. Thanks to the use of fine and selected clays, it’s possible to get a wide variety of colours and surface finishes in a completely natural way, without pigments, staining agents or additives. The final result is a wide range of products able to offer the unparalleled “soft mud” aesthetics.

A complete line to combine with bricks, Tavelle and slip bricks, to meet the various aesthetic and technological architects’ needs. Elements of Architecture creates continuity of finish and colour alongside with bricks, Tavelle and slip bricks for unique architectural achievements.

The line includes items for columns, pillars and arches and a series of friezes and decorations, wall cover, frames, window sills and wells up to planters for gardens and terraces.


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