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The power of aesthetics


Dense, saturated and compact, terracotta ranges from yellow to orange, salmon to pink, red to brown; extremely tactile and mellow shades that lend beauty and expressiveness to facades and, when used indoors, add warmth to the home.

These traditional colours are joined by more innovative contemporary shades such as black, white, greys and the endless nuances created by combining different hues.

An infinite palette to create in every colour.

Volume, shape and size

Terracotta can certainly be considered one of the most ancient and widespread materials used in construction. Its has played a central part in eras, styles and fashions, always standing out for its everlasting modernity and its ability to tap into emerging aesthetic functional and design needs. Over the centuries there has been a shift from the structural solidity of Roman architecture – which used bricks of various shapes and sizes to make the load-bearing masonry of countless buildings – to the lightness of contemporary architecture, which uses terracotta in the form of slim slats in response to the search for new textures, light effects and detailing that only terracotta can provide.