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The SanMarco Configurator

An essential tool for designing with terracotta

A large part of SanMarco’s day-to-day work involves our relations with designers and architects.
It is their demands and their vision that give rise to new products and solutions and, therefore, this strong bond provides the driving force for the brand’s growth.
To make this relationship even more synergic and profitable, SanMarco has conceived and developed a new configurator, specially designed to support planning projects with terracotta.
The configurator enables any type of terracotta roof, facade or interior to be applied to different types of building, from a traditional farmhouse to an apartment building, right up to the most futuristic new builds.
This makes it possible to compare, for instance, the performance of different roofing solutions on a particular roof, checking how this varies according to the various colours and finishes available, and beyond, to explore what kind of facade is the most appropriate, in terms of size and colour, for the chosen roof.
An infinite series of intersections and possibilities that follow and support the design process itself.
The SanMarco configurator is simple and intuitive to use, thanks to a specially designed graphic interface: just enter, choose your building type from the display, unleash your creativity and design your own terracotta project.
It’s saveable and shareable.

Isn’t it wonderful?

The simulation shows a plausible aesthetic chromatic combination. For the definitive choice of the material, it’s suitable a check by means of samples of the chosen configuration.



1 – Once you have landed in the section of the site dedicated to the configurator, a “PLAY” button automatically appears.  Click on the button.

2 – Once clicked, you will be directed to the Store relating to the type of furniture used. Download the free ShowIn3D Viewer application.

3 –Once the App has been downloaded, close the Store window and return to the page dedicated to the configurator, which remained open while the App was being downloaded.  Click the “PLAY” button again.

4 –At this point the ShowIn3D Viewer application will be started, allowing interaction with the configurator.