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Distinctive quality

Expert people for unique products

Over the years SanMarco has become a landmark brand for leading architects and builders, thanks to the gradual shift to industrial production of a product that was historically handcrafted.

Ours is a long story of success, which has resulted in functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing products, and which is always centred on people.
People who work every day with dedication, skill and harmony to ensure the highest quality standards.

From selecting the best clays to monitoring production and the end product using advanced technology and continuous dialogue with customers, the men and women at SanMarco work with a single common aim: to guarantee the quality that makes the difference and makes our brand recognisable and unique.

Their work has been rewarded by a series of certifications, including UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
Thanks to this prevailing culture of quality, today SanMarco products stand out from the market for their beauty, durability, frost-resistance, robustness and dimensional stability, unequalled by our competitors.

And this leads to buildings that are attractive, sustainable, healthy and comfortable.
SanMarco’s real pride and ultimate goal

Quality is safety and respect for people

As we have seen, people are the true drivers of growth for SanMarco and its culture of outstanding quality.

This is why the company implements all the necessary measures to ensure optimum protection for the health and safety of staff at work.

Moreover, to facilitate wellbeing and professional development, staff can benefit from upgraded and technologically advanced installations and training programmes, and their needs are listened to in order to find appropriate shared solutions.

Because safe, high quality products can only happen in places that are safe and geared to quality.

Quality is concern for the environment and respect for the earth.

SanMarco owes everything to the earth, because it is home to its source of inspiration and its very essence: clay, the raw material for any terracotta product.

And such a close, inseparable connection can only come from the huge love and respect for nature that has led the company to extract its clay with minimum environmental impact, reduce journeys from extraction site to factory and launch numerous schemes to redevelop quarries, turning them into natural oases at the end of their working lives.

Ultimately, all ways of saying the same thing: thank you, Mother Earth.

Quality is constant innovation and improvement

The quest for quality is an ongoing challenge, conditioned and stimulated by the evolution of the market, which demands increasingly high aesthetic and functional performance.

This is why quality cannot happen without innovation and state-of-the-art installations and machinery that can ensure flexibility and excellence.

But quality is above all a desire for constant improvement, in order to find new solutions and become a partner of the real drivers of change in the sector: architects and designers.