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Systems and Solutions

Designing and building a roof or a wall today can be extremely complicated, given that we have to consider not only the traditional aesthetic qualities but also the performance of the materials, being necessary for compliance with the performance criteria demanded by clients and by legislation.

To respond to changing market needs, SanMarco has utilised its many years of experience and continuous research in innovation to create a complete range of Systems and Solutions.

The Systems

The Systems are highly technological products that resolve problems or respond to particular needs whilst ensuring great effectiveness in the structural, aesthetic and thermal aspects.

The Systems can be tailored through the entire range of SanMarco products and accessories.

The Solutions

The Solutions, rather, are commercial offerings structured in pre-constituted packages, deriving from the assembly of certain products from the SanMarco range.

Each Solution bears different guaranteed and tested benefits and adapts to any client need.

Roofing system

Wall system

Wall solution

Ventilated facades and Sunscreen system

SanMarco renews the tradition of brickwork with the introduction of a new system for ventilated facades, produced in Europe by its parent company Terreal.

Specifically, this is a unique and innovative technology of opaque vertical closure in terracotta, suitable for any type of building envelope.

The system constitutes the outer layer of a building’s cladding, and is completely dry-mounted; it consists of plates of extruded terracotta positioned with the aid of mechanical fixing and suspension devices. The system’s simple construction and installation guarantees superb aesthetic, acoustic and thermal qualities and exceptional durability.

From the aesthetic perspective, SanMarco Ventilated Facade is available in a wide range of double-skin products with contemporary architectural style. There are three surface finishes (smooth, sanded and grooved) and a broad palette of colours, from natural terracotta shades) orange-red, red, pink, champagne) to more current, trendy hues (pearl grey, chocolate brown, ebony) and even enamelling.