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Safe Line

The Terreal Italia ANTI-FALL SYSTEM (in accordance with UNI EN 795:2012, UNI 11578:2015, EN 353-1:2014, CEN-TS 16415:2013 e UNI 11560:2014) is a set of anchorages positioned at height on roofing, for anyone to hook onto when accessing the building coverages.

Throughout all of Italy, when the roofing becomes a workplace (such as for remediation, photovoltaic system maintenance, solar systems, air-conditioning units, antenna and satellite dish operations, etc.), it is mandatory for everyone to use Personal Protection Devices (PPEs), whereby no collective protections (parapets, scaffolding) are in place, as per Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 – Consolidated Text on Safety. Consequently, the roofing must be equipped with suitable and permanent anchorage devices in line with UNI EN 795:2002, being designed and installed to permit access, transit and the execution of work in complete safety. This fall-protection system is indispensable each and every time access to the roof is required. Operators can rely on this safety device during inspections or maintenance, in the event of repairs, or the installation of antennas and photovoltaic systems. For complex projects, both for civil and industrial roofing, Terreal Italia offers complete assistance in the designing of anti-fall systems, accompanied—upon request—by all calculation certificates.


  • Type A anchorage with stainless-steel cord (5 pcs)
  • Stainless-steel deformable pole (H = 38 cm)
  • Stainless-steel cord tensioner (10–15–20 ml)
  • Stainless-steel clamped cable diam. 8 mm (10–15–20 ml)
  • Stainless-steel cable clamping kit (3 clamps + 1 thimble)
  • Intermediate passage (only on 20 metre kit)
  • Mandatory signage
  • Installation instructions
  • Certificate of Conformity


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