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Coppo Veneto

Age-old Italian style

Coppo tiles are one of the most common roofs in Italy and make our landscapes unique. Coppo Veneto is created to highlight this traditional style and SanMarco has been able to make a product that offers great performance in a style that is both classic and cutting edge. The exclusive production process creates a thickness greater than the more common Coppi, giving greater strength and durability. A wide range of colours and two finishes make it the ideal choice for classic and modern creations.


Detail of the Coppo Veneto with hook

Detail of the Coppo Veneto

DATI TECNICI / TECHNICAL DATAlunghezza / lenghtlarghezza / widthpezzi al mq / pieces for sqmpeso unitario / unitary weightpeso al mq / weight for sqmpasso listelli / batten gaugepezzi per pallet / pieces for palletpendenza minima / minimum slope
COPPO VENETOcm 45cm 14 - 17,530kg 2,2kg 66cm 3621630%
COPPO VENETO con Ganciocm 45cm 14 - 17,515kg 2,2kg 33cm 36,521630%
DOPPIO PIEMONTEcm 43,5cm 36,2 - 40,17kg 4,9kg 34,3cm 34 - 369030%
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In-depth analysis

Coppo Veneto

Special Accessories

Choosing the best flat and curved tiles is just the first step in creating a roof that’s healthy, safe and long-lasting.In addition to tiles, a wide range of accessories contribute to the correct functioning of the roof in technical terms, by guaranteeing excellent ventilation, high performance in any weather and compliance with the most rigorous safety standards. Functional accessories are designed specifically for each type of tile, and combine perfectly with the roof, including antique versions.

Made in terracotta, these accessories are designed for every type of tile used on the pitch of the roof, and can be built into the roof: Ventilator, Snow guard, Antenna mount, Double wave, Left and Right side sections, Chimney bases and pots.

Aeratore a due coppi

Aeratore a un coppo



Base per camino Ø 12 cm

Canna per camino Ø 12 cm

Base per camino Ø 20 cm

Made in terracotta, these accessories are designed for every type of tile used on the pitch of the roof, and can be built into the peak of the roof.

Finale per coppone

Due vie per coppone

Tre vie per coppone

4 vie per coppo

Quattro vie per coppone

Special accessories not in terracotta but designed for each type of tile, which complete the roof, ensuring perfect details and excellent performance.

Griglia per areatore

Gancio Doppio Piemonte senza foro

Gancio Doppio Piemonte con foro

Gancio coppo c/foro da sotto

Gancio di partenza 280×16 inox

Gancio di partenza 280×20 inox

Gancio Coppo 90×16 inox

Gancio Coppo 90×20 inox



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